Trinity Lutheran Church

TLC’s “Life Groups” are small groups within the congregation designed for one purpose: to enhance the discipleship ministry of the church within its members and friends as it centers on the Word of God.

What are "Life Groups?  A micro-community of 3 to 12 Jesus followers doing the Christian life deeply together. Or, slightly more defined: 3, 4, or 5 couples, individuals, or families, who are members of a church, that gather around the Word of God in study and prayer, for evangelism and outreach, and inviting 1 or 2 additional non member families/couples to participate in group activities. (1 or more families are NOT members of the church - and may never join, but are invited and exposed to the Christian fundamentals and lifestyle, i.e. 6 habits of a disciple - daily prayer, weekly worship, regular study of Bible, Sharing the Gospel, relating to one another through our common bond in Christ, giving generously of the 4 “T’s:” Time, Talents, Treasures, and Testimony.