Meet the pastor

Our Pastor, the Rev. Jeff Cottingham, STS, is in his 10th year as pastor here and 25 years of ordained ministry.  While he is the called pastor, all those called "members" are ministers of God's Word through our actions and words.

‚ÄčAdult Bible Study on Sunday mornings is reading the Bible through in a year in 2022!  Read each day's readings for that week and we will discuss on Sundays!  Download the reading program HERE.

What Are Our Core Values?

The Early Church knew best how to live a life worthy of the calling of Christ.  We look to the early Christians to know how to be faithful in the 21st century.

Answers to commonly asked questions

Lent is here.  Join us each Wednesday at 5:15 PM for soup suppers, followed by Vespers at 6:30 PM.  Confirmation meets at 5:45 PM during Lent, and TYO meets at it's normal time of 7 PM

What Do We Teach?

The whole of the Bible functions as an amazing Divine Drama of God's activity within His creation.  We learn from the past to understand the present, in order that we may live faithfully for the future.

Welcome to Trinity!

May Christ's Light Shine in you Daily.

At Trinity Lutheran Church, it's our mission to help you deepen your relationship with God and improve how you live your life of faith in Christ. Join us each Sunday and experience the joy of a traditionally grounded faith and the strength of our community.

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